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Philosophy on respect

Respect cannot be forced; rather it is earned. You can't make a dog respect you through pure display of strength alone, nor can you earn his respect without giving something in return. You can make a dog obey through force and fear, but if that's what you're about, you should really ask the question what price does my dog have to pay for me to treat him this way? You might be shocked by the answer.

Throughout ages the words dog and respect have been traveling hand in hand, yet even so it is one of the most misunderstood things in all of dog training, perhaps second only to dominance and the Mickey Mouse interpretation with which many of us view that.

The way many of us enforce respect is appalling. Hint: true respect shouldn't have to be enforced.

In the undying words of Myrna Milani..

“The mark of a true leader is the ability to control without force.”

This website is taking a stand against force

This website is for all those who base their canine relationships on misunderstood, misguided, outdated quack-science that has long since proven to be harmful for both the psychological and physical wellbeing of all dogs. This website invites you to step away from outrageous claims with no basis in reality and look to currently agreed upon scientific methods for a safer, happier and healthier dog-friendly world.

Read the science

Before speaking out against the information on this website, please read the science behind it.